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The Forgotten Years,Tween Portraits

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Capture your tween in action

Parents take an abundance of professional portraits when their children are cute little babies and toddlers. They take images of important milestones, birthdays, sporting events, and recitals until age 6, or so, then seem to hold off until their children are ready for their senior portraits. 

The least photographed age group is the tween, which is the age between a toddler and a teenager. Where they’re no longer cute and cuddly and they have yet to achieve their monumental achievements like getting their driver’s license or graduating high school. Tween years are the years of hormones, the years of braces, and the awkward stages of life. They’re also the years most parents forget to take pictures. Whether your children are involved in sports, attend their first dance, or perform in their first talent show, this is a time to remember just like any other. 

To make your tween feel like a part of the family, we recommend having their portrait taken professionally. Often times, the middle child feels forgotten when the older and younger siblings have portraits taken for various reasons (i.e. being young and cute, playing on a varsity team, or graduating high school). 

Please note, just like anything else, there is a right way and a wrong way to take portraits of tweens. 

First of all, this age group should not be treated as young children, but more like young adults. They have their own personality and want to express that in images. Asking them how they want their portrait taken is all it takes to make them feel important. Give them a voice. Try to take images of them doing what they love. Whether it’s a favorite sport, hobby or instrument, taking images when they’re happy ensures a higher quality result and experience all around.

To schedule your professional portrait session for your tween(s), feel free to call us directly at 941-500-9955 or email

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