We are Fotofinity, a Bradenton based Photographic Studio. Photography is our calling, our profession. We don’t photograph subjects or people, we photograph the way they make us feel; we capture that moment today to create a memory for a lifetime. It’s the best way to describe our approach to the craft of photography. We strive to create flawlessness with every image we capture; assuming perfection is possible and need to extract it out of every image.  When we're not pursuing our dreams, we live with our busy kids and chase our four dogs.


“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” – Ansel Adams



In May of 2018, I decided it was time for something old to be something new again. Having studied photography in high school and college, and continued shooting throughout my life, I determined it was time for a career change and took a leap of faith. I opened a photography studio and left my IT career of 30+ years. After a few months, we were given the opportunity to open our doors inside Johnson Photo Imaging (thank you LeMoyne Johnson & Michael Arbor).  It is a dream come true; an established studio with lights, props, backgrounds galore!  It allows us to live up to our motto; “Capturing Moments From Today, Creating Memories For a Lifetime”. Today, I am a professional photographer, an artist, and a small business owner.  I don’t photograph subjects or people, I photograph the way they make me feel.  How cool is that?!? As of February 2019, I am now a proud member of Bradenton Kiwanis.

The most exciting and rewarding thing about being a photographer is being about to Capture something special and be able to share that - whether it’s as simple as a beautiful flower at its peak that will be preserved in an image or that candid shot of a grandfather hugging his granddaughter after a performance.  It’s being able to show the pride in his eyes and the love between them that may have been a fleeting moment in the overall day but is a window into the depth of their relationship to hold onto forever.  Being able to share our passion for this art with our clients is our wish...


The true value of an image gives us the ability to look back and not only recall that point in time, but being able to portray that feeling, to tell that story in an image.  That is the art behind what we do.  That’s a great responsibility but also very rewarding.

Tanner is currently studying photography in college and daily in the studio.  An aspiring actor, he spends his day behind the camera and his nights in front of it.  


We belong to the Professional Photography Associations at a National (PPA), State(FPP), and Local (BPFFL) level, plus are active members of the local Chamber of Commerce and Business Alliance.  Doing so keeps our skills at the forefront and keeps us updated on trends, while we also engage with the community we serve.  

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